Technical Steering Commitee 2021-02-02 minutes

The meeting minutes can be found here. The main topics discussed were:

  • We will rename master to main, as suggested by github, on the first Monday after the release is announced. Currently, this is 2021-02-15.
  • When we move to a new version of clang-format, the maximum line length will be changed to 119. We will also look into reducing the line length for python to 119 as well. This should wait until pre-commit has been configured for developers.
  • The review of the new Mantid governance is preparing its report.
  • Dependency managment plan is still “conda first”
  • Maintenance - removing mantidplot went fine. Code cleanup continues
  • NeXus API discussion focused on having a clear abstraction layer. The underlying library used for access NeXus files will get further attention once that is done.