Ubuntu 15.04 problem with Algorithm Manager

I have installed MantidPlot 3.2.1(from PPA) and 3.4.1(.deb package from website) on Ubutnu 15.04. In case of 3.2.1 version GUI is startng, but I am unable to use some of the functions including loading raw data files. The result log is as follows:

AlgorithmManager:: Unable to create algorithm Load Algorithm not registered Load

In case of 3.4.1 version I get similar error message during starting the GUI. It informs me that Algorithm Manager could not create the algorithm ‘DefaultInstrument’ and the program is getting closed.

What is the reason for those errors? Is there anything what could be done to run MantidPlot on my OS?

Our Ubuntu package is currently compiled against dependencies in Ubuntu 14.04 as we only support the LTS versions. To run the application on other releases will require compiling it on your machine. We have instructions for this at http://www.mantidproject.org/Building_with_CMake