Ubuntu 16.04 support


Just a quick question–are there any plans to support the latest LTS version of Ubuntu (16.04 xenial) in the Mantid repository? (I’ve tried a self-build, but it’s tricky to get this to work since libpoco needs to come from the Mantid repository too).


Hi David,

At the moment we don’t officially support Ubuntu 16.04 (the supported version is 14.04) but we will support it for future releases - there are still just a couple of issues to sort out before then.

Mantid should build on 16.04 though - the required version of Poco can be found in the Mantid PPA (see http://www.mantidproject.org/Building_with_CMake#Ubuntu) and other required packages can be found in the mantid-developer package (at the same link). Please let us know if you have any problems building and we’ll do our best to help.