Unicode in Workspace axis labels

Should the following work (after the standard Workbench header):


lbl.setLabel("Time",u"\u00B5s") # microseconds
W.setYUnitLabel(u"Distance in \u00C5") # Angstrom symbol

I find that I can do Show Data (although the column headers are a bit of a mess), but any attempt to plot it gives a page of traceback from Matplotlib saying that characters >=128 are not acceptable unless they are Unicode.

I also get an error every time the auto recovery system tries to save the workspace:
Unknown error occurred. Full detail: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xb5 in position 36: invalid start byte

Maybe it’ll all work well in Python 3.

This is something that should work when we move Mantid to Python 3 in January. I’ll try to remember and check this at the time!