Unzoom does not seem to work propely

When plotting data and zooming in, if we want to unzoom the plot does not show anymore data. Would be also nice to have an automatic rescale.

Hi Tatiana,

zooming out should work - the only thing I’ve been able to find is that if you over-plot the graph, and you specify axes limits when you over-plotted then it will not zoom out beyond the axes limit specified. You have to using the settings (cogs) button or double click on the axes to manually specify a new limit if you want to zoom out beyond the initial limits. Unfortunately, if you click “zoom out” again on this new limit, it will bring it back to the original (smaller) limits. This seems to be a constraint of Matplotlib - but I would need to look into the code more to see if it can be overcome or if you just have to replot everything.

For “automatic rescale” do you mean a button that resets the axes limits to the limits (max/min) of the data being plotted?