Updates for Week 33 of 2019

  • NeXus style geometry support for JSON
  • SpectrumInfo and DetectorInfo can calculate the azimuthal angle

Detailed Merges for Aug 12 to 18, 2019

on github

  • PR26489 - Fix ILLDetectorEfficiencyCorUser from being skipped on system test package builds
  • PR26491 - JSON Geometry Parser for Nexus-style Geometry
  • PR26501 - Trivially Citable Citations: Base Class
  • PR26510 - Add main window tests for reflectometry GUI
  • PR26518 - Add unit tests for merging rows into the reflectometry GUI
  • PR26548 - Add a namespace for the ISISReflectometry GUI
  • PR26561 - Elemental Analysis color function now returns same color for same element
  • PR26565 - Workbench: make closing the save and overwrite dialog behave correctly
  • PR26566 - New method to get azimuthal angle
  • PR26567 - added support for lambda on two mode (no ticket)
  • PR26579 - Sample Transmission Calculator no longer accepts negative wavelength values
  • PR26615 - Elemental analysis plot correct lines when changing peak data file
  • PR26619 - Fix issue with indexing peaks in HB3A interface.
  • PR26622 - EQSANSCorrectFrame: Use either path to individual pixel or to the center of the detector
  • PR26623 - Workbench fixing table validation
  • PR26626 - Delete the documentation for LatticeErrors function
  • PR26634 - Update Indirect Output Plotting Documentations
  • PR26645 - JSON Instrument Builder
  • PR26651 - Tests for FDA