Version 3.3 is now available

This release sees the inclusion new normalization techniques both in MD workspaces and 1D graphs, together with new interfaces for fitting multiple datasets and visually filtering event data. Behind the scenes a new Instrument repository allows new and updated instrument definitions to be deployed to everyone without having to install a new version of Mantid. We also want to make sure we focus our developments on the areas and algorithms within Mantid that are actually used, therefore we have started to collect some simple anonymous usage data to ensure we focus our efforts where we can make the most impact, and perhaps in the future deprecate and remove algorithms that are not actually used. This release only reports the version of Mantid and the operating system it is used on, but future releases will begin to track algorithm and feature usage. We do take your privacy seriously and all of this will be anonymous and is not possible to refer back to specific people or machines, experimental data or results will never be recorded.

Version 3.3 is one of the largest releases of changes and improvements so far, please take a look at the release notes and download Mantid

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