Workbench bug reporting broken

Expected behavior

Ideally Mantid never crashes. But if it does, I should be able to report an error in a convenient and timely manner, and perhaps a stack trace or other log is also passed back to the developers.

Actual behavior

After entering the details of what I was doing, and my name/email address, I get an error message saying error reporting failed.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Ler Mantid crash (e.g. continue using the same session for a while). Fill in some details in the error reporting dialog.

Platforms affected

Seen on Windows (my PC, and also a user’s laptop)

p.s. When entering the description text in the dialog, it’s stuck in “overwrite” mode so editing is difficult.

Hi James,

The error reporter seems to be working again! The Error Reporting server needed restarting. Hopefully this is something we can look into solving long term!

Thanks for your message on the forum!