Workbench colour fill plots

Update - the runs I’d been looking at had a single bin spike in one spectrum (detector/DAE fault?) so it probably was auto scaling correctly even though I couldn’t see the one yellow pixel. The log scale bar feature is still broken with other data.

Expected behavior

A colour fill plot should initially auto scale its axes to show the data. The scale bar at the right should reflect what the plot is showing.

Actual behavior

On opening the plot it may be solid purple. I can use the dialog to rescale the “colour” axis - typically I need to reduce “Max value” by a factor of 10 for raw muon data. It is making some incorrect attempt to scale the data as the initial “Max value” varies between runs.
If I select scale=Logarithmic, the plot area changes as expected but the colour bar at the right still has linear ticks.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Load a run in Muon Analysis 2. Find the xxx_raw_data workspace (inside a group for its run). Right click - Plot - Colorfill. Then try the plot’s settings dialog, Image, and select Logarithmic.

Platforms affected

Observed on Workbench 4.1, Windows

An issue has been created for this and is close to being fixed! Workbench: Colorbar scale does not update with colorfill scale · Issue #27151 · mantidproject/mantid · GitHub