Workspace naming error

Expected behavior

Reducing TOSCA data at any time produces a workspace named with the run number and sample name.
e.g. tosca19484-NH4NO3 T 30K

Actual behavior

If data reduction is run after indirect diffraction, subsequent reduced workspaces are named with _diffspec_red instead.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Interfaces>Indirect>Data reduction. Select “TOSCA” as the instrument and run 19484 as “Run files”
press run, and the expected workspace is produced.
Interfaces>Indirect>Diffraction. Select “TOSCA” and run 19484 “Run Numbers”
Press run, and the expected workspace is produced.

Delete tosca19484-NH4NO3 T 30K
run Interfaces>Indirect>Data reduction as before.
the “tosca19484_diffspec_red” workspace is replaced by the reduced spectroscopy data but named as a diffspec workspace

Platforms affected

I’m running mantid 3.10.1 on windows 7 pro.Not tested elsewhere