Writing ISIS-format NeXuS Files


We have a need to use Mantid to time-slice some event mode data according to a pulse sequence (captured in a DAE channel), perform some other custom “magic”, and then write out a file suitable for processing in our other software (Gudrun). Gudrun will happily read the NeXuS (and raw) files written as standard by the instruments, but apparently cannot make head nor tail of those written out from Mantid.

Modifying Gudrun to accept the format written out by Mantid is not a realistic (or particularly attractive) option, so how possible is it to coax Mantid into writing a simple “ISIS-like”, histogrammed nxs (or raw) file?

Sorry for the slow reply. Can I ask is this only for a specific case (ie not for all your data in the future). If so, then we could maybe look at how to edit the output files.

There is an algorithm called SaveISISNexus, which isn’t quite right, but may write out “ISIS like” nexus files. It takes raw files only as an input but maybe could be reworked to output data from a workspace?